SOLGAR® was founded in 1947 in Lower Manhattan, New York and is now leader in the global Nutritional Supplements Market. Since the beginning the basic philosophy has focused on the preparation and distribution of high-quality nutritional supplements for our health’s protection. Through meticulous research and development, it designs and creates high-spec products distinguished by efficiency, safety and innovation. Over 450 products in more than 50 countries for over 70 years of excellence.

The Science of Nature

Since 1947 SOLGAR® believes that our good health can help us reach our real potentials. And our attempt to stay healthy should be our lifestyle, at holistic and balanced level. Therefore, SOLGAR® combines nature with science, by selecting high-quality ingredients and designing unique, efficient formulas of nutritional supplements that help us keep our wellness alive!


Since 1947 SOLGAR® follows consistently the same values and vision: choose only natural high-quality ingredients and, in combination with its expert scientific knowledge, create unique, efficient formulas by improving health and beauty issues that concern people in everyday life.

The company is ranked as landmark in a perpetually growing field thanks to the devotion in the nutritional research, the long-standing tradition, the experience and reliability, the attention to quality and detail demonstrated all those years in all phases, from the raw material collection, the production to the distribution.

Plants & Practices

SOLGAR® plants in Leonia, New York, meet the higher quality specifications on equipment, production procedures and inspections, throughout all production phases, from raw material delivery to the last phase of unloading and distribution. In particular, all phases of the production procedure follow strictly the US Pharmacopeia principles and the GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) set by USA and EU, while in many cases Solgar surpasses the typical quality criteria in order to assure even higher quality products for the consumer. Typical example is the issue of Certificate of Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis for each produced lot, the use of USP Water Filtration and HEPA Air Filtration, which may not constitute typical necessary condition for the production of nutritional supplements, but are embraced within the frame of high-spec production set by SOLGAR®.

The Best-quality Ingredients for the Products

The high-quality nutritional supplements SOLGAR® are made exclusively by raw materials of the highest purity and this is an essential competitive advantage but also a point of differentiation in the market. Almost all SOLGAR® products are free of sugar, salt, starch, yeast, corn, soya and allergens like wheat, gluten and dairy products, they do not contain preservatives, artificial flavors or colors and they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. SOLGAR® does not use genetically modified ingredients in the production of its products and prefers to face shortage in products when available raw materials do not meet its high-quality standards.

Raw materials

The required raw materials for the production of SOLGAR® products that meet the high standards set by the company are hard to find and the procedure of their evaluation is time-consuming and expensive. In order to find and supply the best raw materials, SOLGAR® owns a unique network of specialists who research and analyze the most excellent raw materials sources by geographical area through rigorous inspections and samplings.


SOLGAR® insists on assuring uncompromisingly the best possible raw materials, subject to exhausting purity and bioavailability tests and would never sacrifice the highest quality of its products on the altar of commercial criteria.

For the packaging, the company uses environment friendly glass bottles while the unique amber color on the bottles helps maintain the potency and stability of the nutritional ingredients of the products.

Moreover, since the high-quality nutritional supplements should not cause allergies, SOLGAR® tries to exclude as much as possible allergens from its formulas.

Certified Quality & Inspection

SOLGAR® laboratories carry out all product testings, according to the Good Manufacturing Practicies, that follow the principles of US Pharmacopeia, Food and Drug Administration and the current EU legislation for nutritional supplements.

Each SOLGAR® product is tested for purity, potency, stability, decomposition time and compliance with the labeling details.

Those are only few examples for the commitment of SOLGAR® to excellence and preparation of top nutritional supplements, that made her name a byword to highest quality in nutritional supplements for millions of consumers worldwide.

Science and Innovation

SOLGAR®, being a pioneer in Nutritional Supplements field, is constantly innovating and offering in the market new and advanced formulas, the most recent example is the product Full Spectrum Curcumin, an advanced curcumin formula in micellar form, which is 185 times more rapidly absorbed than the simple turmeric.

In addition, since foundation and being gifted with a scientifically approached DNA, the company supports the conduct of important clinical trials and researches that reveal the efficiency of its products, the most recent example being in Greece, with the clinical trial implemented for Vitamin K2 in collaboration with Protypo Dialysis Center in Athens.

Specialized Training

Being aware of the increased training needs of a growing and demanding market, SOLGAR® is equipped with scientific groups and technical consultants who provide training, support and information to doctors, pharmacists, dietologists but also consumers.

The full training program of SOLGAR® is completed with the perpetual communication with the consumers through media, television and magazines.

SOLGAR® and Environment

Taking care of the environment is always in the center of SOLGAR® interest. The production is implemented using always purified water and environment friendly “green” electrical devices. The plants are equipped with noise reduction diaphragms and gas filtering system, that help minimize all effects in the environment.

SOLGAR® uses glass bottles, 100% environment friendly and recyclable.

All packaging materials are recycled after use and even the boxes used for the packaging and delivery of the products are made of environment friendly carton.

Awards and Distinctions

SOLGAR® earned many distinctions, the most recent being the distinction as «CORPORATE SUPERBRAND 2018-2019» in the prestigious «Superbrands Awards». Moreover, the distinction in Ermis Awards for creative advertising campaigns of its products to the final consumer, while it is worth noting that the company was awarded with the distinction Effie, among the most important honor distinctions in the field of marketing and communication.


  • 1947: SOLGAR® is founded and introduced the first natural high potency multivitamin with metals & trace elements.

  • 1989: Introduced VM-2000, the first multivitamin with amino acids.

  • 1993: Came out with Vegetable Capsules, the first capsules in the world suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

  • 2003: Created the innovative technology of soft capsules, the first soft capsule suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

  • 2013: Launched in Europe SOLGAR® 7 an awarded innovative formula with 7 ingredients that helps joint flexibility.

  • 2015: Launched in Europe Full Spectrum Curcumin, an advanced curcumin formula, which is 185 times more rapidly absorbed.

  • 2017: Celebrated 70 years since foundation.

  • 2019: SOLGAR® earned the distinction «Corporate Superbrand 2018-2019» in the prestigious «Superbrands Awards».