ISO-PLUS S.A (the Company) ensures to protect your private life in Internet. When you use our websites and other social media, e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, of our property (, (hereinafter called websites) or you contact us, we collect and save your personal data in order to provide better service to you and ISO-PLUS S.A business goals and policies.

This Privacy Policy aims at your information about the way we deal with your personal details (e.g your name, your contact details and eventual substantial issues about you). Therefore, you should devote some time to read this policy.

Why we collect your data

ISO-PLUS S.A, with its products and communication policy (seminars, events etc), promotes the importance of Healthy Nutrition, being a lifestyle full of health and energy. For us, the updating, e.g regarding the use of nutritional supplements, is the best way to offer better products and individualized services. In order to keep on offering accurate updating and the most efficient rendering of services and products, we collect personal details of members, visitors and users of our websites, so that we can contact more efficiently and creatively and develop an intrapersonal relation with them and the consumers, in order to expand ISO-PLUS S.A big family.

Which are the data we collect

We collect, store and use the following personal data that you provide when visiting our websites or contacting us.

Follow the personal data we might collect:

  • Name

  • Surname

  • Address

  • Country

  • email

  • Telephone number

  • Date of birth

  • Your answers to optional polls or questionnaires you are asked to fill out

  • We collect information regarding your activity in our websites, that we use for actions e.g suggest a product or video in YouTube that you might like. The activity information we collect may include:

  • Terms and products you are searching for

  • Purchase activity

  • Other information you add voluntarily in the forms of the website or share when contacting us.

  • We use various technologies for the collection and storage of information, e.g cookies, pixels tags etc.

  • The features of your accounts in social media and the information you share with us through those accounts.

  • The ID check status by third parties, when you visit our website through social media application (that is if you are logged in Facebook or other social media accounts).

  • Information whether you open our emails, click the links we send via email,

  • Pictures, photos or videos you upload in the social media you use to accept our communication

  • Your geographical position based on IP address, for statistical purposes and measurements

  • Special categories of personal data, e.g medical information, when required

  • Technical information regarding the use, the type and the version of the browser and the operational system.

  • Their IP address.

If you are under 16 years old, you should ask for the consent of your parent/guardian before you submit your personal data. If we have reasons to believe that a person is under 16 and we have collected his personal data without having obtained duly permission, we delete them within a reasonable time.

What we do with your data

We use the collected personal data to formulate our commercial policy, communicate, update your experience, improve the websites, upgrade our technology and optimize the promotional methods for our products and services. In particular, when you sign, share or register in a form, we use your personal date e.g in order to:

  • Send you information about our products, events, actions through the channels you have agreed on: email, phone/SMS or social media messages.

  • Offer you the chance to take part in events, competitions, advertising actions, provide you with information about our products.

  • Verify your identity and send you email.

  • Answer your questions.

  • Process and improve the websites but also upgrade our technology.

  • Analyze the use of websites, through tools like GoogleAnalytics and more, that help us check the efficiency of the content of our websites and their functionality, understand the number of visits and inspect for eventual problems.

When you fill in a registration form, we create a virtual user account, where you can update your personal contact details and preferences, so that we can communicate better with you. You may change your preferences through your profile page.

Share your data

Our company does not lease or sell your personal data, only shares them to the following third parties, as defined by the law, or to reliable third parties, only upon your consent.

  • Services’ providers: We collaborate with many services’ providers, mainly the administrators of our database, the cloud computing services’ providers, the support center services’ providers, the advertising services’ providers, the data analysts, the applications services’ providers, the mass SMS services’ providers, the telephone number bank services’ providers. Those providers operate based on strict confidentiality agreements. We don’t authorize them to use or share your personal data, they are only allowed to do so at the extent this is related to the provision of their services. We also use polls applications of other websites in the information collection by persons who fill out voluntarily our questionnaires in those websites. The personal data of the participants in a poll are transmitted to the company and subject to this Privacy Policy.

  • Marketing through Facebook: We might use your email address and feature in Facebook, INSTAGRAM, TWITER to participate in programs of customized and similar public that allow us to promote campaign advertisements both in existing and potential members, during the visit in those Social Media. To achieve this, we send initially a digital imprint of your data –not your own personal data—and the Social Media checks if it matches with any imprint of their data. If it does, by entering the Social Media you might notice campaign advertisements of the company. For more information, please read the privacy policy of each Social Media.

  • Other marketing strategies: Based on the way you use our websites, we might use cookies, address other campaign advertisements through Facebook, Google and other electronic services. It is self understood that you can change the settings of cookies.

  • Related third parties: In the future we might transmit your personal data to third parties as result of a merger, takeover, rearrangement or similar transaction. We will continue to assure the confidentiality of your personal data and keep you informed before transmitting them. In case of substantial changes regarding the processing of your personal data, you will have the chance to give your consent.

  • Protection of the company and others: We share your personal data to companies, organizations or private individuals outside the company when we believe in good faith that the access, use, maintenance or share of those data is reasonably necessary for the detection or protection by fraud incidents and safety violation, for the satisfaction of a judicial judgment, for the advocacy against legal claims or the persuasion against injury in the company’s legal rights and security.

How we keep your data safe

We use typical tools, like firewalls and encryption to protect your identifiable information by non authorized access, modification, notification, abuse or destruction. The processing of all personal data is implemented through safe, encrypted links. We take all reasonable measures so that eventual transborder transmittals comply with the current legislation regarding data protection. Thus, we collaborate with third processors, certified within the frame of data protection with standardized compatible clauses, that bound the contracting parties to protect the data privacy and safety.

We keep your personal data for as long as needed, based on the goals of their collection, except if otherwise defined by the law. If you request to stop sending you news and other communication or delete your data, we will satisfy your request and keep the less possible quantity of data we need in order to avoid fraud incidents and not contact you again.

How can you update and edit your data

You may review and update your personal data through your profile page. In addition, you may anytime change the personal settings of cookies. If you are user in the European Union, the European Economic Space or Switzerland, you have the following rights:

1. The right to information/update: You are entitled and we are liable to provide accurate, transparent and comprehensible information regarding the way we use your personal data and which are the data based on your rights.

2. The right to access: You are entitled and we are liable to provide accurate, transparent and easily comprehensible information regarding the way you might have access to your personal data.

3. The right to edit: You have the right to edit your personal data, if those are inaccurate or uncompleted. The quickest, simplest and coolest way is to log in your account and process immediately the stored data. The data that should be saved due to legal, institutional or contractual obligations for the maintenance of commercial documents will be locked instead of deleted, in order to discourage their use for other purposes.

4. The right to delete: You have the chance to request the deletion or removal of your personal data, when those are no more necessary for the goals they are collected for or we have no legal reason to keep on using them. The quickest, simplest and coolest way is to log in your account and process immediately the stored data. The right to delete is not absolute right. The data we should save due to legal, institutional or contractual liabilities for the maintenance of commercial documents will be locked instead of deleted, in order to discourage their use for other purposes.

5. The right to restrict processing: In some cases, you have the right to “exclude” or cancel further use of your personal data. If the processing is restricted, we may store them but we cannot proceed to further use.

6. The right to data portability: You have the right to request copy or all your personal data in order to reuse or share them with third parties for personal purposes.

7. The right to object: You have the right to refuse certain processing types, including processing for immediate marketing, under certain circumstances and provided there is no other legal base.

8. Rights for the automated individual decision making and profile preparation: This specific processing is not applied by us.

9. The right to consent and right to object: At the extent of data use for a purpose which, according to the legal provisions, requires your consent, we will be always requesting your explicit permission. The permission is granted once and may be recalled anytime, therefore in the future you may express objection about the future uses of your data for advertising, market research and opinion purposes. In order to recall your consent or objection, just notify us at If you are receiving updates through email, you may do that easier, by clicking on the link included in the email.

Take in mind that, concerning the personal data we use upon consent, you have the right to recall this consent anytime. This recall includes the option to be deleted from our email lists anytime or contact us to request the exclusion from the lists of electronic promotion or text messages.

Which is our legal base for the processing of your data

When we process your personal data for the purposes defined in this Privacy Policy, we count on one or more of the following bases:

  • Consent: We request your consent to use your data, so that we send you details regarding our commercial policy, contact you, enrich your experience, improve the website, upgrade our technology and optimize the ways of promotion of our products and services, implement goal-oriented advertising and profile creation.

  • Contractual relations: When you submit a job application or conclude an agreement with us, we proceed to the processing of your personal data.

  • Legal obligations: When it is absolutely necessary, we process your personal data due to legal commitments.

  • Legal interests: We collect and process your personal data when you have legal interest that works for the mission, the services and the activities of the company, provided the use of data is fair and balanced and does not affect much your rights.

  • Processing of sensitive personal data: We don’t aim at the collection of any other sensitive personal data (that is regarding race or nationality, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs etc), except in the following cases:

  • Their processing is required or allowed by the applicable law.

  • We have received your prior explicit consent (e.g when you fill in voluntarily your personal data, e.g weight, height etc in order to formulate a nutritional question). The processing and collection of such sensitive personal data may be necessary for your service or to provide the required services or individualized information and/or services. In those cases and when required by the law to request your explicit consent for the processing of those special categories of sensitive personal data, we will request it promptly. If you won’t give your consent, we may not be able to provide the requested services or products.

Time period of personal data maintenance

This Privacy and Personal Data Policy complies with all current laws and legislation. Those laws define the time period we can maintain all different types of data at our disposal and check them regularly. In certain cases, the time period of personal data maintenance is defined by the subject, e.g where you have the option to choose time period for maintenance or when you wish your deletion from receiving informative material, the deletion is implemented immediately upon receiving the respective request.

Details of sensitive personal data given through any communication mean (telephone, email, mail etc) are maintained for 6 months since their receipt, provided there is no other legal base in virtue of which we have the right to postpone the time period or you have given your consent for longer.

In a safe and secure way we destroy your personal data there is no more need to maintain, according to the timeframe defined by our policies and the current legislation.

When we keep on using personal data for statistical or research purposes, we assure anonymity, so there is no chance of identification.

More for the protection of the company and others

We consider you entitled to reasonable privacy protection of the data you share in Internet, which are not destined for public distribution. We try to support this principle. In case of required and legally imposed notification, we try, at the extent this is possible and allowed by the law, to warn the user before the notification of the personal data, except when we should act differently, as mentioned in the unit Share your data.

Links to third websites

We often provide you with links towards other websites. The Privacy Policy covers only the company’s websites. The external websites are beyond our control and we are not liable for their content or practices. Please read the terms of use and privacy policies of third websites you might visit through the links in our websites.

How can you receive more information

If you have questions regarding the Privacy Policy and the protection of data in our websites, you may contact the Data Protection manager. For your own protection, we share and notify only the personal data related to the specific email address you have used to send us the respective request and, before we do so, we might need to verify your identity. We reply to those requests within reasonable period of time. Please do not send sensitive personal data, passwords, bank account details or card details through email.

You may contact the Data Protection manager by sending email at or letter at the following address: ISO-PLUS S.A, Syggrou av. 236, Kallithea, GR 17672.