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The website solgar.gr is available strictly for personal use by the visitors/users and only for information purposes, certainly not for commercial purposes. Solgar.gr is an online corporate site that is addressed to the public, and in particular to the consumers wishing to get informed about the company and its products, to doctors and pharmacists wishing to know more about the company and its products, to offer and also provide further scientific information as registered members. For this purpose, solgar.gr has partnered with official medical organizations and distinguished scientists specialized in issues included in its articles.


The website solgar.gr belongs to the company ISO-PLUS S.A. and is governed by the provisions of the Law 2121/93 regarding intellectual property, as in force. In addition to the explicitly mentioned exceptions (intellectual property of third parties, partners and organizations), the entire content of solgar.gr, including images, graphics, photos, drawings, sketches, videos, texts, tools and computers, rendered services and, in general, all the files of this website, constitute intellectual property, applied marks and services’ marks by solgar.gr and are governed by the respective provisions of the Greek law, the European law and the international agreements and treaties.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the users are provided with the license to navigate in this website only for personal, non commercial use. The users are also provided with the license to download data of the website solgar.gr, send e-card with material by solgar.gr website to another user and print material included in solgar.gr website, send links of solgar.gr articles for personal use, under the condition that the rights of intellectual and industrial property are not violated and trademarks are not modified, changed or deleted. This license may be recalled anytime. Any other use of the material of this website, including indicatively modification, copy, change, dubbing, formulation, reproduction, distribution, transition, sale, republication without the source, upload to another computer any information (entirely or partially or in brief), is not allowed in any way or any means, including sending in Internet or disposal of information in Internet in any other use, without prior written consent by the company ISO-PLUS S.A. The property of other products or services mentioned in the electronic pages of this hub and bearing marks of respective organizations, companies, partners, unions or publications belongs to those entities, therefore those entities are liable.

ISO-PLUS S.A reserves the right to add, modify and/or remove any element or/and information included as well as interrupt temporarily or permanently part or all services without notice, at its sole option and discretion.


ISO-PLUS S.A is bound to protect the personal data of visitors/users in the website www.solgar.gr and to follow the respective provisions regarding personal data protection (Law 2472/1997 for the individual protection by personal data processing), as in force. For this reason, no information regarding personal data of visitors/users is collected unless the information is provided voluntarily by the visitors/users. Personal data provision is not required for the navigation in solgar.gr or access in its content. The visitor/user provides personal data only when he/she wishes to register in the member services of solgar.gr. In this case, the visitor/user agrees that the data submitted to solgar.gr are full, correct, real, accurate and valid and, if any change, the respective service of solgar.gr will be notified in order to keep the registration details full, correct, real, accurate and valid. The user’s personal details that should be filled out are the following: subject, email, message. Moreover, during the registration, the user has the opportunity to state whether he/she wishes to receive newsletter by solgar.gr via email in the stated email address. By accepting the terms of use, he/she accepts receiving newsletters by partner companies, promotion of new products – services or by mail in the address information sheets – discount vouchers – samples of solgar.gr products by ISO-PLUS S.A or other partner companies. The visitor is not obliged to fill out the above details, however, without the above “mandatory” details, he/she will not be able to send message to the contact form but only navigate in the website, without the chance to interact, that is he/she will have the rights and opportunities of a simple visitor. Especially for the Newsletter service, if the User wishes to interrupt the Newsletter information, he/she will be given the chance through the email to delete automatically only the Newsletter service. If the user wishes to interrupt all or part of the promotional communication, he/she should send email at unsubscribe@iso-plus.gr stating this request. By registering in solgar.gr, the user agrees that his/her personal data will be used by the company ISO-PLUS S.A, in the quality of responsible for their processing through automated means either by the company itself or any other person appointed by ISO-PLUS S.A, for the implementation of processing by order and on behalf of the company. The data submitted by the visitor/user to solgar.gr will be kept in the database server and processed aiming exclusively at rendering services to the users and, in particular, dispose material adjusted to their interests and preferences, as those result by the data given by the users and, in general, for the support, promotion and implementation of transaction with the users.

However, since third non-authorized parties may be able to read the users’ messages sent through internet, the users are recommended not to send by email information they wish to remain confidential.

Whoever provides personal details to the website solgar.gr, has the right to request and receive by ISO-PLUS S.A the following information: a) all personal details, b) the goals of processing and eventual receivers, c) the editing of their details kept in the file and the right to object about their personal data. The users are entitled any time and without charges to request the deletion of their details, by sending an email at unsubscribe@iso-plus.gr pointing out that they wish the deletion of data by the website’s database or they do not wish to receive notification for promotional communication already accepted.

The as above notification of personal data by solgar.gr users constitutes acceptance of the terms of use of those data, according to this document. In case the user does not consent to the as above use of personal data, he/she should not fill out the respective fields.


Solgar.gr may use cookies for the identification of the visitor/user in certain services and pages of solgar.gr. Cookies are small text files saved in the hard disc of each visitor/user without having access to any document or file in the computer. Those are used only to facilitate the process of the visitor/user in certain services of solgar.gr and for statistical purposes, in order to define the areas where solgar.gr services are useful or popular or for marketing reasons. The visitor/user of solgar.gr may set the browser in such a way as to warn for cookies’ use in certain services of solgar.gr or never allow the acceptance of cookies’ use. In case the visitor/user of certain services and pages of solgar.gr does not wish to use cookies for his/her identification, he/she shall have no further access in those services.


If the visitors of solgar.gr make use of the communication options provided by this website in order to grant more information, in addition to personal data, e.g suggestions for the website or ideas for advertisements and products and any other relative information, those suggestions and ideas become owned by solgar.gr, with the consent of the visitor and may be used/utilized by solgar.gr or ISO-PLUS S.A in any way (e.g reproduction, modification, notification to third parties etc) for commercial or non commercial purposes. The visitor who provides those suggestions, information and ideas waives any right to those suggestions, information and ideas that were voluntarily provided and also waives any right of indemnification for the use of the as above material by solgar.gr.

Moreover, the answers of the visitors/users in polls carried out by solgar.gr on currently relevant issues, are registered, analyzed and commented by solgar.gr in order to draw conclusions regarding the public opinion for the issues set on poll. Solgar.gr reserves the exclusive right to collect and make use of those details and the conclusions constitute its intellectual property. Regarding polls, solgar.gr defines special terms of participation in voting and reserves the right to interrupt the procedure anytime, at its sole discretion.


The users/members of solgar.gr are exclusively liable for the all or part of the content they post, publish, send, transfer or otherwise make available through the services of solgar.gr. Solgar.gr and ISO-PLUS S.A, due to the high volume, cannot keep control of the entire content posted by the users/members in the website services, therefore they do not guarantee accuracy, integrity, legality or quality of such content and they are not considered to embrace or accept it. The user/member understands that he/she may be exposed to insulting, immoral or illegal content when using the services of solgar.gr.

Solgar.gr is never liable for any mistake or omission in any content or for any damage or injury that might arise due to the use of any content posted, sent, transferred or otherwise made available by the users/members in the services of solgar.gr and for any transmitted information that contains inaccurate, erroneous, threatening, scandalous, defamatory, pornographic and insulting content. The transmission or posting of such messages or information or all consequences they might bring or can bring criminal or civil liability are not allowed. Solgar.gr and ISO-PLUS S.A state that they will collaborate with any police or judicial Authority in order to reveal the identity of users who publish or transmit similar material or information. In case solgar.gr is notified that certain content causes pain and suffering or other injury to third party, it reserves the right to proceed immediately to the deletion of the content and interrupt the operation of the account of the user/member that violates these terms.

The visitors/users ensure that their details submitted to solgar.gr are full, correct and accurate, comply to the rules of the Greek Law and, in particular, the provisions of the telecommunications legislation, refrain from any illegal act and are compatible with fair practice of solgar.gr and do not violate any rights of third parties and, especially, the privacy rights.

The visitor/user of this website is exclusively liable for its legal use. The visitor/user is not allowed to send or publish illegal material through solgar.gr. Illegal material is the material that breaches rights of third parties (indicatively rights of intellectual and industrial property, rights of privacy and protection of personal data) and/or is fake, inaccurate, threatening, insulting, offensive, vulgar, violent, defamatory or encouraging punishable actions. Furthermore, the visitors/users are not allowed to provoke any injury to minors, counterfeit or otherwise change the features of the users/members aiming at the misdirection regarding the origin of the content transmitted through solgar.gr, post, publish, send or use any other mean for the installation of any unsolicited advertisement or other content regarding the promotion of products or services or third websites, send spams or unrequested emails by the receiver and any other promotion of unwanted content. The use of the website for illegal purposes leads to civil and criminal penalties. The visitor/user consents and accepts that solgar.gr and ISO-PLUS S.A bear no liability for such material, that comes from third parties and appears in the website.

In case a visitor/user causes technical damage in the website or the systems transmitting the website to the visitors/users, is liable for all injuries due to this damage and bears all expenses for the damage recovery.

In addition, the visitor/user of solgar.gr understands and accepts that he/she is exclusively liable for the compensation of solgar.gr or ISO-PLUS S.A and their partners for any legal dispute that might arise between him/her and third parties due to the content available for posting, publication or any other transmission through solgar.gr services and in case of inaccurate registration of details during registration or data update and, in general, in case of any violation of these terms of use.


The visitor/user understands and accepts that solgar.gr reserves the exclusive right, without prior notification, to interrupt the use of passwords in the services and/or interrupt the disposal of content to the visitors/users that are believed to have breached the letter and the spirit of these terms of use. Solgar.gr and ISO-PLUS S.A are not liable towards the visitor/user for the above interruption or any claim related to the above interruption.


Solgar.gr and ISO-PLUS S.A shall not be liable for the communication of the visitor/user with third service providers that are advertized in solgar.gr and for any eventual commercial transaction that might arise by this relation.


The user/member who uses the services of solgar.gr in order to post and/or publish information, data, texts, graphics, pictures, music files, videos, messages, grants the license to solgar.gr for the period of time that content constitutes part of solgar.gr services, to use the space of posting for publicity purposes. Moreover, the user/member who posts and/or publishes information, data, texts, graphics, pictures, photos, images, music files, videos, messages agrees on posting and/or publication of advertisements by solgar.gr in the respective pages/services.


Solgar.gr and ISO-PLUS S.A shall not be liable for any kind of damage to the visitor/user of pages, services, options and contents of solgar.gr, since he/she navigates in own initiative and liability (e.g indicatively without restriction, damage due to illegal acts of third parties, like intercepts or deciphering of codes and data, diffusion of viruses throughout website use or download of elements of the content, problems that might arise during the use of computers (e.g data loss etc) etc). Solgar.gr is used as it is, without strict or indirectly stated guarantee and depending on availability. Solgar.gr and ISO-PLUS S.A do not guarantee that the pages, the services, the options and the contents will be provided without interruption, without errors, that this website will be safe, that mistakes will be corrected in the website and that the server that makes available solgar.gr is free of viruses or other harmful features. Solgar.gr and ISO-PLUS S.A shall not guarantee under any circumstances the accuracy, the reliability, the time proximity, the fullness and/or availability of the published content. The cost of eventual corrections or services will charge the visitor/user and absolutely not solgar.gr.

The content of solgar.gr and the information provided through this website shall not be considered valid information and/or tips and shall not encourage the attempt or not of specific actions. Solgar.gr and ISO-PLUS S.A shall not guarantee the integrity, the fullness and the general suitability of the content they assume to collect, process and distribute, especially due to the high volume, or the absence of eventual errors and mistakes. Therefore, the visitor/user of solgar.gr, by using its services in own initiative, is liable to always proceed to the verification of the provided information, especially all kinds of medical advices or tips that might be presented through the website, for the validity and integrity of which solgar.gr and ISO-PLUS S.A bear no liability. The users are recommended to consult only their physician doctor for all medical issues.

Concerning transmission of gifts and promotional products coming from solgar.gr, ISO-PLUS S.A shall not be liable for the time of transmission to the receivers, which depends exclusively on third parties.


Solgar.gr contains links to other websites. The connection of solgar.gr to other websites through links is implemented only for the facilitation of visitors/users. Those websites are beyond control of solgar.gr, therefore solgar.gr shall not be liable for the availability, the content, the privacy policy, the quality and the integrity of their services. Solgar.gr shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage of users/visitors, that might arise by the utilization of the link option to another website through links or use of data and information included in such websites. Therefore, for any problem that might arise during his/her visit/use, the visitor/user should contact immediately the respective websites and pages, which bear full respective liability for the provision of their services. Solgar.gr should not be considered to have embraced or accepted the content or the services of the websites and pages to which it points or connects in any way.


These terms of use and the use of the website solgar.gr are governed by the Greek Law, the current legislative provisions of the European Union and the respective International Treaties. In case any of these terms will be considered invalid or cancelable, this invalidity and nullity will not affect the validity of the other terms. Τhe Courts of Athens are competent for the resolution of any dispute that might arise by the use of the website solgar.gr or concerning the interpretation or application of these terms of use or resulting by these terms of use.